Whiskey And Shillelaghs

Do you want to meet the last Stickmaker of Shillelagh?

Two things, both going hand in hand for centuries. Discover the roots of both on this special experience that takes you to Shillelagh Village to meet the last Stickmaker and to one of Irelands most highly regarded Whiskey Distilleries deep in the rural countryside

And uncover the truths behind the myths...

The Wicklow Way

Heading deep into the countryside, you’ll be seeing some of the most beautiful parts of Ireland, rolling green hills, deep valleys and the ancient forests still inhabited with Wild Red Deer. The area we will be travelling through is real and raw. An area proud of its rebel history and present. This is the home of the Illegal Still, the Fighting Stick and the Shebeen. 

But it is also a place filled with curious, inquisitive and most of all friendly locals.  If you ever wanted to get off the beaten track, then this is the way to do it! 

The Last Stickmaker

On our arrival in Shillelagh Village, you will get a personal introduction to Liam O’Cadhla (Kealy) a master Stickmaker, a trade passed down from his Grandfather. 

Liam is the last remaining Stickmaker of Shillelagh and is well regarded to be one of the best. His Sticks are purchased by many across the world from the New York Police Dept to the French Foreign Legion!

Here in the Olde Stickmakers Shop in Shillelagh Village, you will hear the history of the Stick, dating back to the Iron Age. The mysterious language, now lost forever and the fascinating links with the Leprechaun and Robin Hood! 

Each Stick takes up to three years to properly mature and it goes without saying that each Stick is unique! All harvested from the surrounding woods

When you are purchasing your Stick, be it a Stick, Staff or Cudgel Liam will ensure you are properly fitted and know a few moves before you leave!

The Royal Oak Distillary

Moving on we’ll travel to Carlow, to the Royal Oak Distillery home of the famous Writers Tears Whiskey. Named in honour of the writers that used Whiskey as an ever there Muse for creation.

Here you will take a tour of the Distillery, learning about the history of Whiskey in Ireland, including its surprising roots in the hallowed halls of our ancient monasteries.  You’ll be taken step by step through the distilling process until you arrive at the small purpose built tasting room. 

Depending on how much of a connoisseur you are, you have a choice of samples to try from a Single Malt to the Founders Reserve

You also have the opportunity of purchasing some special limited editions direct from the Distillery while you are here


The Dying Cow

Our last stop is an unusual place, to say the least. You will have discovered the roots of Whiskey Distilling and its history with the illegal drinking houses at The Royal Oak. But this is your chance to visit an authentic Shebeen. In the same family since 1881, this Shebeen is reputed to be over 300 years old. A single room, packing a lot of history! Well known amongst people living on the East Coast of Ireland, few, however, manage to find it! 

So sitting on a wooden bench, the old tin signs creaking above your head, you can sip a whiskey, looking out over the magnificent countryside, resting an arm on your new Stick, your day will finish on a high!


How to book

Solo Traveler

Travelling on your own ? Have me as your own private tour guide all to yourself. For only €350.00 All inclusive.

2-3 People

Travel in a group of 2 – 3 people and have me as your own private tour guide. For only €580 All inclusive.

4-8 People

Travel in a group of 4 – 8 people and have me as your own private tour guide. For only €180.00 p.p  All inclusive.

What's Included


What’s included:

  • Your own Driver/Guide
  • Luxury Vehicle
  • 3 Single Malt Whiskey Samples and Tour of the Royal Oak Distillery
  • Light lunch with tea or coffee
  • Complimentary Spring Water
  • All Vehicle, fuel and parking costs,
  • All associated taxes and insurance


We had a wonderful tour with Lorraine. The sights were incredible and she was extremely knowledgeable. The historical detail was very interesting. A great time all around!!
Herbert G Chatham, MA US