The Stormin' Normans

Let me tell you about the real Game of Thrones...

Will the Celtic King Diarmuid, assisted by Strongbow the Knight be successful at regaining his throne?

Will Strongbow take the Throne himself?

Or Will Henry the 2nd, sitting on Norman England’s Throne take it instead?

When the Normans arrived on Wexfords shores, with their huge warhorses, superior weapons, sophisticated manoeuvrers and shining armour it changed Ireland forever

The Story Begins .....

Chapter One – Life Before….

Your story begins in the North, at the ruins of the ancient Celtic Fortress of Ferns. Here you’ll “meet” the Celtic King Dermot Mac Murragh and Knight Strongbow,

As we walk around this historic village, taking in the smallest Cathedral in Europe and the ruins of Ferns Castle, you’ll hear how Dermot found himself dethroned and banished from Ireland. After 2 years in the wilderness, he returned, along with a group of Knights down on their luck, with nothing to lose and everything to gain


Chapter Two Medieval Life

Moving down the county we’ll pass through New Ross built by the medieval power couple William & Isabel Marshall. We’ll make a brief stop for lunch and to hear how Willam Marshall, went from a penniless orphan sent to live with his Uncle in France to being known as “The Greatest Knight that ever lived” earning millions at the Tournaments, serving 5 Kings in turn and marrying the granddaughter of the “wildling” King Diarmuid MacMurragh

Chapter Three Knights in Shining Armour

Heading into lands once ruled by the Knights Templar we’ll stop at Tintern Abbey, the perfect place to stretch your legs as you hear who won the Throne. You’ll find out what happened to the characters involved, who did well, who didn’t and what happened here in Ireland in the centuries that followed


Chapter Four- The Legacy

Our final stop is at Hook Lighthouse, still lighting up the coast every night as it has for almost 850 years. An incredible feat of medieval stone masonry. Your tour will take you up the winding stone staircase to the viewing platform at the top, where incredible views surround you!

Here we finish the tour with an Irish Whiskey Toast, and a few final stories, Alice of Abergavenny the female Knight, out to avenge her lover maybe? Whatever we finish it with, you’ll find it all too easy to picture the floating Army that appeared early one May morning in 1169

How to book

Solo Traveler

Travelling on your own ? Have me as your own private tour guide all to yourself. For only €330.00 All inclusive.

2-3 People

Travel in a group of 2 – 3 people and have me as your own private tour guide. For only €560 All inclusive.

4-8 People

Travel in a group of 4 – 8 people and have me as your own private tour guide. For only €170.00 p.p  All inclusive.

What's Included

        • A Mini Taste Wexford hamper including artisan chocolate, biscuits and seasonal fruits

        • Complimentary Spring Water

        • Door to Door Service

        • All entry fees with VIP Access and Skip the Queues at selected Attractions

        • A delicious light lunch

        • Tours run from 9am to 6pm but can be adapted to suit your schedule.

        • All Vehicle, fuel and parking costs,

        • All associated taxes and insurance

        • And the day finishes with a generous Irish Whiskey Toast


Driving around a wet and wild day, sipping fine Irish whiskey in between stops, exploring castles, listening to stories about a crazy female knight, how a guy used stampeding cows to defeat Celtic warriors and plenty more. We finished the day in a small pub with a huge platter of local fish and chips and the best craft ale I’ve ever tasted. This was hands down the best tour I’ve ever been on! 

S O’Rourke – Boston US