The Cailleach (The Witch)

The Caileach, The Midwife, The Wise Woman, The Witch

Spend a day training with an Irish Witch and connect with the Goddess of the Land

Once this island was the home of the Tuatha de Dannen, the people of the Goddess Danu.

A magical race, they built places like Newgrange, Uisneach and Tara. They gave us Holidays to mark the passing of the year like Bealtaine and Samhain.

In time, the Celts arrived and it was agreed that the land would be divided in two, the Celts taking the land above and the Magical people went below.

Over the centuries stories were told and retold, and the magical people became associated with the mysterious mounds and standing stones and they were referred to as Faeries. Some had such a strong following they evolved into Saints. The Goddess Brid became Saint Bridget.

This is a day of exploration, a day to explore the real and ancient culture of Old Ireland. A Day to connect with the land in a way you never have before, to create a connection that will stay with you forever.

Your day is divided into two halves

The morning is spent learning about the old traditions, the Goddesses and Gods and the Celtic Wheel of the Year

The second part of the day is a special walk up a sacred mountain. At the summit, we will conduct a small ritual and you will partake in a guided meditation. This meditation will give you a deep insight into who you are and your place in this world. Finally, we will conduct another ritual of letting go before descend from the mountain

I have been practicing this ancient craft for over 25 years and am conscious that in this current time, more and more people, in particular, women are searching for a path to follow, perhaps this is the one?


How to book

One Day Workshop

Discover the ancient beliefs of our pagan ancestors and connect with the Spirit of the Goddess of the Land at a truly ancient Sacred Site

€300 all inclusive

Two day Workshop

Spend two days in practical study learn to manifest through Spellworking & how to harness the energies of the elements. €450 All inclusive.

Three Day Workshop

Recharge your mind and soul with Sacred Walks of Glendalough, learn how to craft charms from foraged flowers and wood, meditate at ancient worship sites and more  €550.00 All inclusive.

Booking Information

You will be in detailed email contact before your booked day to ensure the day is properly tailored to your needs, requests and wishes to ensure a positive learning experience overall

You are collected and returned to your accommodation

This experience is suitable for beginners and those practising the Craft for years

This experience is suitable for small groups as well, but usually no more than 4 people at a time

You will need a light to moderate level of fitness, sensible outdoor attire and footwear

A picnic lunch is provided and dietary requests can be accomodated



Lorraine has a rare gift… her incredible knowledge mixed with her magical way of storytelling is something special to experience. Having lived in Wexford for years, Lorraine through her tour experience awakened a new feeling for Wexford and it’s rare treasures. 

Juliana W – Ireland