Celtic & Viking Ireland

Unravel Ireland's Ancient Mysteries

Long, long, long ago, this land was split into 5 Kingdoms, each one ruled by a different King or Queen, it is a time shrouded in mystery with glimpses of what it was like through its stories and festivals.

All along the east coast, the men from the North came, first to raid plunder and steal, then to settle. An uneasy peace between the two tribal societies with much in common.

God and Goddesses were worshiped, blood sacrifices were given and epic battles were fought.

The Story Begins .....

Chapter One

We begin our story on a very special exclusive tour of the Irish National Heritage Park. Skipping past the queues we’ll head off into the forest and visit the reconstructed houses of our Celtic and Viking ancestors.

With my tour, we’ll enter parts of the houses usually roped off, pile the wood on the open fire and I’ll share some of the stories that have been told around open fires in Ireland for literally thousands of years. Tales of brave Warriors, Evil Enchanters and powerful Goddesses.

Moving on to the Crannog island you’ll meet your first Viking who’ll explain how they settled here, let you try on some clothes and even make a Viking Coin to take home!

Over a delicious traditional lunch, you’ll hear about the great festivals and assemblies that took place all over the island in times past giving you added context to sites like Newgrange and the Hill of Tara


Chapter Two

Leaving the park behind us we head to the Blackstairs mountain range. These beautiful mountains hold many clues to our ancient past, standing stones, Neolithic rock art and a mysterious Dolman known locally as the Giants Table. Much of it is only reached by hours of hiking (to be fair though, it is a lovely way to spend a day!)

But with me, we will visit a sheep farm nestled in the foothills. The farmers that live here are caretakers to a genuine hidden gem, a large boulder that was beautifully decorated to depict the earth mother over 5000 years ago. A sobering thought!

Here you will hear the stories of the first people who came to Ireland, stories handed down for innumerable generations and, the Milesian Tribes in the Bronze Age, the Celts in the Iron Age, the Warriors, the Goddesses, the Druids and the magic that weaves its way through each story! 


It is also here where we end our tour, with an Irish Whiskey Toast, and there’s another story to that too!



How to book

Solo Traveler

Travelling on your own ? Have me as your own private tour guide all to yourself. For only €330.00 All inclusive.

2-3 People

Travel in a group of 2 – 3 people and have me as your own private tour guide. For only €560 All inclusive.

4-8 People

Travel in a group of 4 – 8 people and have me as your own private tour guide. For only €170.00 p.p  All inclusive.

What's Included

        • A Mini Taste Wexford hamper including artisan chocolate, biscuits and seasonal fruits

        • Complimentary Spring Water

        • Door to Door Service

        • All entry fees with VIP Access and Skip the Queues at selected Attractions

        • A delicious light lunch

        • Tours run from 9am to 6pm but can be adapted to suit your schedule.

        • All Vehicle, fuel and parking costs,

        • All associated taxes and insurance

        • And the day finishes with a generous Irish Whiskey Toast


Me and my work colleagues went on this tour as an alternative Christmas party and it was AMAZING! I’ve been on plenty of tours where I’ve found it difficult to keep my interest on the tour guide, but Lorraine has a way with words. She doesn’t rattle off history facts, she tells stories – such a pleasure to listen to.
There were lovely little touches too like local biscuits and chocolate on the tour bus and a warming whiskey at sunset. A day well spent!

Nonie 93 – Ireland