Forge with Flame and Brute Force

Finin Liam Christy

Finin Liam Christy is recognised worldwide as a talented and dedicated Blacksmith, committed to using only the old traditional methods, judging metals by sight and feel, relying on decades of experience. Now you can learn from the best in his own personal forge!

Can I axe a question?

Finins Background

Finin inherited his gift from his Grandfather. Apprenticed at a young age, he began working on the Irish Rail System, soon earning himself a strong reputation. Eventually, he struck out on his own. At first cycling around Dublin City with an Anvil strapped to his back, Hammers and Tongs tied to the handlebars! Fixing gates, railings and whatever else was around, he worked hard and in time built up a large and successful business. 

Today, semi-retired, he is based in Colgreany Village in the lovely Wexford countryside and has decided to open his Forge to budding Smiths from around the world in an effort to preserve this almost lost, yet ancient trade


Offering One, Two or Three Day Workshops, they are completely private, just yourself and Finin. Ensuring you get the most out of your day. Although, if you want to bring a friend or two, the Forge will hold a maximum of four people. 

As the classes are private, Finin can work with you based on your abilities and ambitions, as a result, the classes are suitable for complete beginners or almost experts! 


What can I make?

This really depends on your abilities but typically this is what you can expect to make on each course:


One Day: A selection of items including a Rams Head Poker, Bottle Opener, a Small Knife among other small items

Two Days: All the above or an Axe Head or Hammer Head

Three Days: A Special Project of your own, a Bowie Knife, a set of Smithing Tools of your own

Please note! While we would love to be able to let everyone forge Swords, these are extremely intricate to make, taking hours and hours of folding and hammering and so cannot be done on a workshop like this, sorry! 

How do I get there?

Finin’s Village is not serviced by Public Transport sadly. However, we can organise Transport from the nearby Towns of Gorey and Arklow. Both of which are on a main train and bus route from Dublin. 

Should you like to stay in the area we can recommend The Railway House B&B, please contact Jo directly as she has a special rate for us! 


How to book

What's Involved

The workshop runs for a full day, typically 9am till 5pm

You will get dedicated one on one tuition throughout the day

You break for lunch, how long you want to take is up to you. Feel free to bring a packed lunch or yourself and Finin can take the quick drive into town for a Pub Lunch

All your materials, tools and insurance etc are included in the cost of the Workshop

If you are flying home and don’t want to risk going over your weight allowance, we can arrange to ship your items to you




Just completed day 2 of my blacksmithing beginners sessions. A spoon, a leaf, a bottle opener, decorative poker and my very first hardened and tempered hand forged blade!!! My forearms are killing me and my hands are in bits but so worth it. One of the best experiences of my life! Finin Liam Christie was an amazing and patient teacher! Would recommend him to anyone thinking about it. 
P Salama, Ireland