Do do you want to hear a story?

Folklore is history with emotions

Ireland has a long tradition of storytelling, once the Storyteller sat by the side of the King or Queen, such was the respect they commanded!

Stories are part of our DNA, passed down generation after generation. I read once that “stories are the thread in the fabric of time” and I love that statement.

Stories can make history real, rather than reciting dates, chronologies, battles and listing off Kings and their generals. Folklore tells the stories of the people. People like James Freney a young man who took to the roads as a Highwayman, or Peter McKinley, the Donegal pirate whose €6 million treasure still hasn’t been found. Or the brave knight William Marshal who rose from humble beginnings to being one of the richest men in the world, building Hook Lighthouse and Tintern Abbey along the way!

My earliest story is 5000 years old, so that gives you some idea of just how many stories there is to hear! And so, rather than keep you here for a year and a day, we’ll take a theme, and using the places that it took place in, we’ll take the time thread and weave it into a tour.

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Delve Deeper and immerse yourself in the stories of Wexford, the Cornerstone of Irelands Ancient East