Hello and welcome to my website!

My name is Lorraine, I am the founder of Gallivanting Tours. I am a professional Seanachai and Guide, and this is a little of my story!

I was born into the world of hospitality, Dad was a Hotelier and Publican in Dublin and my childhoods were spent chopping lemons, filling ice buckets and helping to clear tables. As soon as I had finished school, I went straight to work behind the Reception Desk in our family hotel and I loved every minute of it!

I especially loved curating tours for our guests, recommending great little pubs for lunch, a short detour that gave you an amazing view…. I was often surprised by my guests when on their return they had bought me a gift to show their thanks for a fantastic day out.

At the same time, I have always had a fascination with history. Growing up in a Georgian City, the past was everywhere I looked. I share this fascination with my Dad, who is responsible for the revival of the “Victorian Pub” now so commonly found in Dublin.

Family vacations meant trawling through Salvage Yards, visiting obscure warehouses filled with antiques and long afternoons spent waiting in the car flicking through auctioneers brochures and books on restoring old buildings, no iPhones back then!


Couple this with the stories I had long been told by my Great Aunt Eithne, tales of faeries, warriors, of ancient Gods and Goddesses. She told me about the magical properties of the wildflowers and the trees that grew around her house. To some people, her garden may have looked like a jumble of weeds, brambles and overgrown trees. To us, it was a magical world with leaves that can ease the sting of sunburn, flowers to help you sleep and all the secret little spirits and fay that lived, hidden in the lush greenery! I knew to wash my face with the dew on the first of May to keep me looking young, I wove reed crosses on the first of Febuary, to ensure the house was filled with good health and I especially loved the stories she told at Samhain, better known outside of Ireland as Halloween!

Over the years, I learnt more and more about both history and working with the public. I began telling the stories of Irelands ancient past to anyone who would listen, private gatherings became paid events and so I found I had earned the right to call myself a Seanachai, the traditional term for a Storyteller here in Ireland.

failte ireland
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It seemed only natural to take this craft of mine and combine it with my love of curating tours. And so I came up with Story Trails, a perfect day out. You’ll discover the history through the stories and you’ll see the sites with a guide that is as passionate as they come!

This trend continued when I met the founders of Taste Wexford, the regions new food tourism initiative.  I signed up immediately and am now proud to say I work with them in a number of ways from running Wexfords first ever food tours to helping food producers create their own visitor experiences and spread the word as I travel about.

So while many businesses have a definite start date, I don’t. It has been a natural, ever-growing evolution, a Story of its own if you will. Full of chapters, footnotes and doodles on the edge of the page! And I invite you to be one of the characters in this story, come gallivanting with me and discover my Ireland!