Delve Deeper and immerse yourself in the stories of Wexford, the Cornerstone of Irelands Ancient East

My name is Lorraine and I run Gallivanting Tours and Experiences.

I  grew up here, this is my home and I know it well. And I invite you to come and experience what it is to be Irish on my tours!

I am more than a guide, I am a storyteller, I am a folklorist and I am a proud descendant of the Kings and Queens of Ireland!

My Story Trails take you on a journey into the past, you will learn about some of the most important historic periods Ireland has witnessed, the Time of the Celts and the Vikings, the arrival of the Norman  Knights, The Great Irish Potato Famine, and Wexford of the 1700s with its rebels, pirates and Highwaymen!

Rather than focusing on nobility, battles and politics, you’ll find the history unfolding through stories of the people who witnessed it. The female knight avenging her lover’s death, the teenage sweethearts escaping starvation and the €6million of silver and gold said to be still buried on one of our beaches!

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As a guest of mine, you’ll also get VIP access, to skip the queues and plenty of treats along the way!

My food tours take you into rich green agricultural Wexford to visit the farmers and the Miller and down along the coast to visit the fishermen and women that make their living in an area known locally as “the graveyard of a thousand ships”

My experiences will give those of you looking for something really memorable a chance to immerse yourself in traditions and crafts that have been practised here in Ireland for thousands of years

Finally, as if that’s not enough! For larger groups, I have some very special food and heritage bookable events that combine three of Wexford’s most iconic visitor attractions with the opportunity to indulge yourself with the best local food and drink we have to offer!

So take a look and if you still want more, then send me an email and we’ll create a custom option to suit you!

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What I Offer

A personalized tour to suit you and your schedule

My tours run a full day 8 hour day, what time you start is up to you, so why not enjoy that lie in!

With me you get the full VIP Treatment

With me, you skip queues, get exclusive access to selected sites and see the real hidden gems

Ride in Comfort

Gabhnait is the name of my little bus, but if you have a larger group, we can take the bigger coach bus, I’ve plenty of sizes to choose from!

Taste Wexford

Enjoy a mini hamper with some of my favourite treats made by local food producers and a glass bottle of chilled Spring Water


A Door to Door Service, that can be customized allowing you to use a tour to change your accommodation locations 

Make your own tour

Create a tour that’s perfect for you and party, you can start from and finish when you choose to do so and go wherever you want